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2 Summer-Worthy Man's Slip-On Dress Shoes [Style Guide]

Summer tends to allow somewhat relaxed styles in the office for many. This season can just be plain warm, which is why many men choose a different style of shoe once the weather gets hotter. Not to worry though --there are still plenty of men's dress shoes that are suitable for the summer! Read on for two of our favorite shoes to sport, even for a dressy-casual occasion. 

Men's Dress Up Loafers

There are many variants of men's dress up loafers out there, so finding a couple of pairs you love won't be hard. However, they aren't all comfy sadly (it's really a shame!). Comfort is coveted in the summer, especially when you're out and about more than you are in the cooler months. 

mens dress up laofers

Men's slip-on dress shoes like the Born Allan Loafers are highly rated for good reason. Read these reviews from customers like you (looking for shoes they can wear all day) that have raved about how luxurious these men's dress shoes are:

  • "Fantastic shoes the best I have ever owned- as far as comfort."
  • "Love these shoes. Super comfy and a perfect look for casual events. You can wear them anywhere anytime."
  • "I purchased my first pair of Born- Allan shoes back in '02. Till this day I still wear them The leather has held up tremendously considering I've worn them in all sorts of weather and I have never conditioned them."

With five-star reviews all around, it's an easy choice to make. We love these high-quality men's dress shoes because they are perfect for more casual summer events. Plus, they have a simple design that is sure to complement items in your wardrobe. 

mens dress shoe slip on


Men's Dress Up Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are a classic for men during the hot summer months. They aren't as dressy to go with a formal suit but are great for a leisure-inspired look. Think more on the side of being in the office on a casual day or out and about on the weekend with some nicer shorts. Pairing them with a light flannel in the summer should keep you in line with casual dress codes. 

mens dress shoe slip on

We love the Ocean Men's Dress Shoe from Born as well. They are a casual style in four neutral colors. They would go well with other care-free, summer-worthy outfits just fine! These men's dress shoes slip on, making your way out the door faster. You can remove the inner footbed, so if you're feet get sweaty in the summer, you can carefully wash them for a fresher feel. 

Another great feature of these Born Ocean shoes is that the leather is water-resistant and salt-resistant. So if you live near the ocean or frequent a lake cabin when it's warm, these will be a must-have!

mens dress shoe slip on


Since summer has us wearing different colors for the season, read our blog post on finding the right color socks for your suit without any problems.

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