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3 Cool Men's Baseball Hats That Will Give You More Game [Style Guide]

It's baseball season, but that doesn't mean you have to be sporty to rock a baseball hat. If you're looking to embrace the luxe-sport vibe, this will be one of your go-to accessories this summer. Hands down, baseball hats are one of the most versatile men's hats, which is why we've given you three styles to try as the weather warms up.

Kangol Men's Baseball Hats

Kangol has a history with famous musicians, therefore created an iconic blend of hip hop and British elements. Not only is Kangol a globally recognized (giving you street cred), they are just plain amazing. The material is high quality and they have endless amounts of products for every season. 

This Kangol men's hat is going to be your best friend this summer. It has a vintage fit and look, giving it an already-worn (but not in a gross way) style. This baseball hat has a sophisticated leather back-strap, perfectly synchronizing with your luxury sports attire. 

kangol mens baseball hat


Men's Casual Baseball Hats

Nothing beats a comfy cotton baseball hat on a sunny summer day! White is classic, yet simple color that can either dress up or dress down an outfit. Pair them with bright colors in the warmer months and you'll light up the night like the fourth of July. 

This white hat does come in a lighter green color if you're looking for a muted color on those cloudy days. This baseball hat features a smaller logo on the side, for those who are looking for a more subtle look. There's not much more to say for such a casual men's hat than go check it out!

mens casual baseball hat


Men's Baseball Hats Fashion

Baseball hats don't have to be used in casual settings like for instance...baseball games. We see them all the time in men's fashion streetwear. This style of hat has more personality and the wearer can channel their inner self more freely. 

We love this hat because of its uniqueness and spot on contemporary spirit. Not only will it up your style game, but it will keep you looking and feeling cool. Due to its light straw crochet design, air is meant to flow through the hat, keeping your temperature regulated better. It's on the pricey end, but if you live in areas where it's warm all year, this piece is worth investing in.

mens baseball hat fashion


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