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Are Pork Pie Hats Cool? Yes --And Not Just Because of Breaking Bad.

What are pork pie hats?

Don't let the funny name fool you, these men's hats are a great addition to any man's accessory collection. These hats are categorized by the crown and brim. The crown is its main feature and where it gets its name from because it resembles a British pastry called a "pork pie". These men's hats typically have a ribbon or some sort of accent around the "shoulder" of the hat along with a narrow brim. 

Are they in style?

Absolutely! This type of men's hat became more popular after being featured on Breaking Bad. It's the kind of hat many "hipsters" enjoy wearing due to the unique cylindrical crown. You'll see many urbanites wearing them to add class and aesthetic to their look. Keep your look young and get yourself one of these hats!

If you're not sure if this type of men's hat is for you, Tom Smarte says it's best for those with an oval-shaped face. Men with round or square faces should reconsider because with the brim being so short, it could add more visual "weight" to the face.

You can find all different variations of materials from straw to wool. Wearing straw pork pie hats can help keep you cooler in the summer, whereas wool can keep your head warmer during the winter and fall. No wonder those hipsters love pork pie hats--you can wear them all year round! 

How do you wear them?

Take some inspiration from Breaking Bad and wear it like Heisenberg. A pork pie hat men's hat should be worn directly on top of the head and worn at a sitting level, according to Tom Smarte. We've also seen them tilted back on the head--we'd almost prefer this style instead. Seems simple enough!

Straw pork pie hats look best paired with a slim-fit short sleeve button down for a summery look. Another option for a fancier occasion is pairing a felt pork pie hat with a well fitting blazer and dress pants. 

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