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Grab These 3 Mood-Boosting Men's Socks This Spring from Amazon

Open the blinds, smell the fresh air, and put on those spring socks you've been waiting to wear. We know you've been itching to bring out those brighter colors in your wardrobe. There's just something about the warmer air and the brighter skies that puts a pep in our step. Not only are these socks are favorite for spring, they incorporate those fun patterns and designs you've been looking for. Check out these three men's color pairs of socks for this spring:

Pantherella Egyptian Cotton Dress Socks

These fun dot socks are perfect if you're looking for men's colorful socks. Light and dark colors are available --a bonus if you're picky about what you wear. We love these plum ones for a unique touch of color!

Not only do we love these because of the color, but the colors available are so versatile, making them perfect for either work or a night out. You won't have to worry about the dots being itchy because they are made with the same Egyptian cotton as the rest of the sock.

This plum color is the perfect touch with a black or grey suit. Collaborate your tie by choosing one with some purple hues or undertones in the design. If you're going for a more casual outfit, pair these with dark jeans and a button-down. We suggest wearing black shoes with these socks because brown shoes might upset the black dot vibe of the pattern. 

Men's Patterned Dress Socks

Maybe bright colors aren't your style, but you still want to lighten your look. We suggest lighter neutrals. They are a more subtle way to add new variety to your wardrobe and go with just about any outfit and any color. Sounds like a win-win to us!

These Pantherella Egyptian cotton dress socks are available in a variety of lighter neutrals --a great way to transition your outfits to spring. We suggest the "Dark Grey Mix" and the "Dark Brown Mix". Don't let the color names fool you, they are lighter in hue. Not only that, but they are also great lightweight socks too.

The grey color would look sophisticated with a navy suit or you could even contrast them with a darker charcoal pant and a white button down. The brown color of this sock is an awesome pair with a chocolate brown suit. The contrast would be killer! 

Mens Colorful Over The Calf Dress Socks

We love a good orange tone to add to our outfits. It just makes it feel closer to summer, don't you think? Actually, it's proven that the color orange brings about feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Getting a pair in this hue could do wonders getting you out of the winter blues. 

Not only will you enjoy the over the calf length, but these socks have been made with extremely durable material. It's the best of both worlds with having socks that stay up all day and ones that will last a long time --wear over wear. The color won't fade either due to the nature of the fine fibers.

This color is suitable for office wear and a fun touch to a formal outfit this spring. We'd pair it with a brown suit or even a navy pant if you're feeling ambitious. For a weekend look, Wear these with a pair of jeans rolled up a bit with brown oxfords. 

What are your favorite spring-colored socks to wear?

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