How Men Can Integrate Fashion Scarves Into Their Wardrobe – Valiant Steps

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How Men Can Integrate Fashion Scarves Into Their Wardrobe

Scarves aren't new to the male wardrobe. In fact, they've been wearing them for over 2000 years. They are both functional (aka...extra warm necks in the winter) and fashionable. You may have scarves in your closet that have never been worn --we can't wait for you to feel confident wearing them. Or you may not have any and are interested in trying them out. Either way, in this blog we'll walk you through:

  • What length of scarf to look for
  • How to wear your new scarf
  • What you can pair your scarves with

Keep reading for expert tips on how you can wear men's scarves like a pro. 

Men's Scarves: Length

What length of scarf should you buy? A common question for many men, the answer really depends on the function of your scarf. mens scarves lengthWinter scarves tend to be longer, with the ability to wrap around multiple times for extra warmth. Summer scarves are shorter and are made with lighter, more breathable material. A standard size is 6-14 inches wide and 60-90 inches long. This means the ideal length is a knotted scarf that sits under your chest, just near the center of your stomach.

Men's Scarves: How to Wear

You bought a what? If anything, confidence is key. If you aren't comfortable with a certain way of crafting a knot, then don't wear that style! Choose how you want to portray yourself and use your accessories (in this case a scarf) to exemplify that. Stick to the basics and keep practicing those tricky styles. Trust'll amazing by the end of it. Here are the basic men's scarves and how to wear them:

  • Once Around: Creating a basic loop with both ends laying flat
  • Twice Around: Creating two basic loops with both ends laying flat
  • European Loop: Creating a basic "knot" by folding the scarf in half and pulling the two ends through the loopmens european looped scarf

If you've already mastered these and want to try something a little more fun, opt for these looks that are sure to be conversation starters. 

  • Reverse Drape Tuck: Creating a drape and pulling both ends through the front of the loop
  • The Clover: Creating a more complicated style, fold the scarf in half and pull one of the loose ends through the closed loop. Twist the hole until it becomes a figure eight and pull the other end through
  • All-The-Way-Around: Creating the look of an "infinity" scarf, continue wrapping your scarf around your neck. Tie the ends together and tuck them under your wrap

    What can I wear scarves with?

    There's no shortage of how you can integrate scarves into your wardrobe. Because they serve as fashionable accessories, it has become a widely accepted staple part of any man's wardrobe. The scarf can easily be a casual fashion addition or can ramp up the formality of a suit. 

    We love wearing scarves with suits. It's so simple tomen's scarf draped throw on a simple scarf to add that last touch of sophistication to your outfit. Scarves with suits are especially great during the colder months. If you decide to go with this option, we recommend keeping things classic with a drape or the European loop. 

    Wearing a scarf with a jacket and jeans gives a little more freedom to be creative. Because this combo is more casual, feel free to experiment with more challenging knots to give your look more texture. 

    When wearing some sort of jacket, it's a good idea to find a scarf that contrasts in color. This is such an easy way to take your outfit from 0 to 10 but can add an extra layer of warmth (and style!). If you choose to wear a hooded jacket, you lose a little of the warmth factor, but can still look on top of your men's fashion game by adding a once around wrap using a scarf with a little more pattern and color. 


    Men's scarves can be tricky to figure out as a man, but starting out simple can make the largest impact. Find a scarf with a length you like and try out some simple knots. Add some color into the mix and practice some of the more intricate styles for instant flair to any outfit in your closet. Other accessories are a great way to vamp up your go-to pairings. We suggest using socks as your new (and affordable!) way to do this. We have plenty of various colors and patterns to choose from.

    We've only covered the basics of wearing men's scarves. Do you have any other men's scarf tips we should know about?

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