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How to Exude Confidence as a Man

Don't Let Failure Overwhelm Youself confidence tips

Failing is sometimes inevitable and to be honest, sometimes it is scary to face. Although this may be true, it doesn't mean when something doesn't go right that it has to control how you move forward. Often times, we are the inhibitor of our own failure. Fear is a real feeling we all face daily, but one tip we love from AskMen is not letting it control us.

Changing our mindset to a positive outlook can make an astronomical difference on the actual outcome of any situation. For example, if you act as if you've already met your goals, you could have a better chance of exceeding future goals because your positive thinking tricks your brain into thinking you have what it takes to make it possible.

This brings self-confidence to the picture --knowing that you can accomplish something big (or small!) despite the negative feelings you have on the inside. Self-confidence is the most important quality for overcoming failure.

Take Advantage Of Your Skills And Abilitiesself confidence building

Each person has capabilities that are unique to them. As Tiny Buddha states, not each person is best at everything, but that's how it's supposed to be. That's why we have other people in our lives to help us be better. If you are great at planning and organizing schedules and you have a friend or coworker who isn't, you could help them be more successful in that area. You end up refining your own ability while seeing someone else become their best self --it's a win-win for both parties. 

Likewise, if you're not very good at networking and know someone who is, you can learn from them either by asking them questions or observing their interactions at an event. We all have something to add to each relationship as well as to the role we hold. Our suggestion to taking advantage of these symbiotic relationships is to be willing to learn and teach in new ways. It's a big risk to ask for help, but let us tell you that the awkward feelings at first will soon subside after succeeding in something you've been bad at for years.

Also, being that person to give a helping hand and utilizing your skills and abilities to help others is one of the most self-confidence boosting things you could possibly do. Self-confidence is the most important quality for taking advantage of your skills and abilities. 

Dressing For Success Is No Jokemens confidence

Some of the most confident men aren't afraid to arrive over-dressed to an event. They'd actually prefer that outcome than being underdressed. They understand that others instantly respect them more when they dress well, so they don't question their over-formal attire. Dressing well gives you the essence of having (some) of your life together. We're not talking wearing a tuxedo every day, but making yourself feel put-together (whatever that looks like for you) is a great way to boost your mood and self-confidence.

Small changes to your wardrobe can make a tremendous difference in how you carry yourself. We recommend starting small and adding in a couple of new pairs of socks that will look as good as you'll feel in them. Pantherella and Marcoliani Milano are our two trusted favorites that are known for their quality. New socks might not be noticed by everyone, but you'll know and that's all you need to start off your week in a good, confident headspace. Self-confidence is the most important quality for dressing for success.

What other tips do you have on building self-confidence?

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