How to Pair a Navy Suit to Pantherella Socks – Valiant Steps

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How to Pair a Navy Suit to Pantherella Socks

When it comes to dressing for a formal event, looking your best is sometimes more difficult than it would seem. We've come to find that Pantherella is one of those best-kept-wardrobe-secrets. If you have Pantherella socks, you'll understand our love for them, but if you don't know how to incorporate them with your navy suits yet, it's going to be a game changer.

Navy Suit with Pantherella Socks

High Quality is Better

A navy suit can be worn on any occasion but is best complemented with high-quality material Pantherella dress socks. Pantherella has the kind of quality we look for and is a brand that many men will tell you make the dreamy difference. If you've been on the fence about investing into material that will last, it's better than repeatedly buying new socks that wear out quickly.

Understand the Dress Code

Now, considering the formality of your event is important. If you're unaware what to wear, it could mean you arrive at your event underdressed or overdressed...neither is ever pleasant.

Is your event formal, casual, or in-between? If your event is less formal, take liberty in wearing patterned socks that "go with" the color of your shirt or sweater. For instance, if you're wearing your navy suit for a business-casual event, we approve patterned socks that have a navy color in them or coordinate with colors in your tie. However, if you're going to a formal event, let's say black-tie, you'll want to choose a classic navy or black Pantherella socks. Wearing socks within a similar color range as your pants allow your sophisticated style to take the spotlight. Our favorite picks for navy suits are listed at the bottom.

 Choosing the Right Length

After confirming what type of event you need to dress for, length of sock should be considered. If attending a formal event, over-the-calf lengths are one of the go-to's of many men. Ensuring no skin shows and making sure the sock stays up on the leg are important factors for this. Instead, when going to a more casual event, mid-calf is another safe option. Click on the recommended styles below to shop for our expert picks on our website!

Our Recommendation for a Formal Occasion: Pantherella Laburnum Men's Over the Calf Wool Socks

pantherella socks 

Our Recommendation for a Less-Formal Occasion: Men's Mid-Calf Polka Dot Cotton Socks
Pantherella Patterned Men's Socks

navy suit socks


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