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How to Pick the Best Color Socks to Wear With Your Suit

With so many color combinations of socks and suits, it can be difficult to figure out whether to have your socks "match" or "go with" your outfit. "Matching" your socks to your outfit would mean having them be the same color as your pants. However, having your socks "go with" your outfit means they won't be the same color as your suit, but in the same color scheme with the intention to complement your suit.

So what's the best way to choose your socks when wearing a suit? First, we have to determine what color suit you're wearing. The next important factor is the occasion you're wearing the suit to. We also recommend investing in a better length of sock. Not sure what length is best? Check out our blog post here for an easy way to find out. Keep reading to learn the best sock-to-suit pairings.

Navy Suit

A navy suit can be worn on any occasion, but if you're going for an extremely formal look, it's best to match your socks to your suit color. Finding the best pair of socks that will last means the materials have to be high quality. We posted a blog about this, so check it out here if you've been on the fence about investing into better socks. If your event is less formal, take liberty in wearing patterned socks that "go with" the color of your shirt or sweater. Navy is a classic color that is acceptable for just about any occasion, as it can be dressed up and dressed down. We recommend this navy suit for optimal sophistication. 

Our Recommendation for a Formal Occasion: 

Mid Calf Cotton Lisle Mens Socks

Men's Mid-Calf Cotton Lisle Socks

Our Recommendation for a Less-Formal Occasion:

Pantherella Patterned Men's Socks

Men's Mid-Calf Polka Dot Cotton Socks

navy suit socks

Black Suit

Black suits are more formal than navy suits --we recommend a black tuxedo-- but are still common to wear for casual events. When wearing black suits to an important formal event, you'll want to stick to a nice pair of black luxury socks. When you want to add some personality without being too over-the-top, feel free to reach for some muted tones and patterns. This goes for casual styles as well. We recommend patterns from Marcoliani Milano here.

Our Recommendation for a Formal Occasion:

Men's Luxury Black Socks

Men's Black Wool Luxury Socks

Our Recommendation for a Less-Formal Occasion:

Affordable Luxury Men's Socks

Classic Cotton Luxury Men's Socks

black suit socks


We're throwing in a unique style of suit because it can be the most difficult to pair with socks. The best way is to match your socks with the pinstripe on your suit. For instance, if the lines going down the suit are grey, wear a pair of grey socks. Use this tip with caution though because it won't work for every pinstripe suit. Another option is matching your socks to your pant color. So if your pinstripe suit color is charcoal, you'll want to wear charcoal socks. This shade should be similar, yet contrasting. A black pinstripe suit or a navy pinstripe suit is probably the easiest ones to find corresponding socks to match.

Our Recommendation When Wearing a Pinstripe Suit With Grey Stripes:

Grey Men's Luxury Socks

Men's Grey Luxury Cotton Dress Socks

Our Recommendation When Wearing a Charcoal Pinstripe Suit:

Charcoal Wool Men's Luxury Socks

Men's Wool Luxury Dress Socks

pinstripe suit socks

Brown Suit

You'll want to be careful when pairing brown socks with a brown suit. Look for socks that contrast with the brown pant. Brown socks look great with patterned pants. If the brown is close in color to your pants, but a couple shades darker, this may not look great. This is your opportunity to wear a complementary patterned sock with your solid brown pants. Also, use colors that "go with" the other colors in your outfit, like from your tie when picking out which socks to wear. We love this dark brown suit for something different than everything else in your collection. 

Our Recommendation When Wearing a Light Brown Suit:

Dark Brown Men's Luxury Socks

Men's Dark Brown Wool Luxury Socks


Our Recommendation When Wearing a Dark Brown Suit:

Men's Cotton Dot Luxury Socks

Men's Cotton Dot Luxury Socks

brown suit socks

Grey Suit

Our last piece of advice regards grey suits. Grey is such a versatile color! If you're going to a formal event, we recommend a solid contrast color. Pantherella has some affordable styles here. If you're just looking to step up your work style, a great addition is a colored or patterned design. Check out this style for breathable fabric.

Our Recommendation for a Formal Occasion:

merino wool socks

Classic Red Men's Luxury Socks

Our Recommendation for a Less-Formal Occasion:

Men's Mid-Calf Luxury Socks

Men's Colored Dot Luxury Socks

 grey suit socks

Bonus Tips

Matching your socks to your shoes is generally not recommended. Be careful to not downplay your awesome looking shoes by wearing the same color socks. Of course, if you do, there's no harm, it can just distort the expensive look you're going for.

Also, you don't have to stick with solid colors. Adding new colors and patterns to your wardrobe is the easiest way to freshen up any outfit! Plus, it's cheaper than buying more suits and different color shoes.

Matching your socks to the color of your pocket square or tie is another idea you can use when trying out different styles. Feel free to mix up your style and even venture outside of your comfort zone with color and pattern in your socks. 

We have plenty of other socks to choose from on our website, so go ahead and start gaining more confidence in what you wear. Buy quality and confidence-boosting socks on our site here

Do you have any tips picking the right socks with your suit? Let us know in the comments! Also, we'd love to see your pairings, so share them with us in the comments or on our Facebook or Instagram pages. 

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  • I didn’t know there was so much that goes in to matching socks with suits. Thank you for the great information!

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