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Men's Luxury Over the Calf Dress Socks Review

It's no secret we at Valiant Steps search Amazon high and low to find the socks worth a spot in your sock drawer. We know that fit, quality, and style are deal breakers when shopping for new dress socks. Finding the socks with the highest customer reviews and quality ratings adds an extra layer of trustworthiness to our reviews. Pantherella over the calf dress socks are one of the most-loved lengths by men due to comfort and "staying-up" superpowers. Here are our favorite over the calf length picks:

Best Brand: Pantherella

One of the most popular among luxury brands is nonetheless Pantherella. There's a reason customers rave about this brand. Pantherella has an unbeatable quality (and price!) that most can't resist. This pair of Pantherella over the calf socks is a great pick, especially when you get fast and free shipping with Amazon Prime.

According to customer reviews, this pair of socks:

  • "...fits all day and looks distinctive as well."
  • Look "...perfect with chocolate brown trousers."
  • Are "Comfortable and classic."

Our Pick For: Colors

Having different hues in your sock drawer is fun and wearing colored socks --even though they aren't that visible to others-- can put a smile on your face. Integrating men's colorful over the calf dress socks is an inexpensive way to bring a new vibe to your outfit. These styles are sure to stay up and offer some pep in your step.

Customers have loved them because:

  • "They are fantastic, wonderful, and artfully crafted men's socks."
  • "They are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn."
  • "These fit the bill and I'll buy more." 

Best Fabric: Merino Wool

You'd think that wool is hot and sweaty, right? Well, not merino wool! This type of fabric is actually temperature regulating. That means when it's summer-time, your feel will be well-ventilated and in the winter months, your toes will be warm. It's a win-win! We love these socks --listed as knee-highs, but are men's over the calf merino wool socks.

Here's why these are a favorite from customers:

  • "If you hate having to pull up your socks up over and over throughout the day, these socks will be life-changing."
  • "Truly a luxury!"
  • "Wear them all year round."

Our Pick For: Large Sizes

If you're in need for larger sized socks, you're in luck! Pantherella makes men's over the calf dress socks sizes 13-15, just for you. These will fit your wider feet or larger calves perfectly. Not only will they fit, but they will feel amazing. Longer lengths help the sock stay in place all day long. Get rid of other frustrating pairs of socks and buy this pair instead. These ship from the UK, so shipping will take longer. However, you can snag them at a good price on Amazon. 

Customers rave about them:

  • "...these have been my go-to summer socks for a few years now."
  • "My feet get very sweaty in most socks, but not these."


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