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Must Have Pantherella Dress Socks

As you could probably tell by our website, Pantherella is a brand we think everyone must have. The company is not only known for their high European quality, but the comfort of their socks has been raved about for decades! Pantherella dress socks are the kind you to receive for Christmas or your birthday because they are durable without sacrificing style. Whether you have several pairs or are just starting your search for the perfect pair of socks, we've come up with a list of the highest rated Pantherella socks you can find!

1. Two-Toned

These are a fun pair even though you won't be able to see the colors of the toe and heel while wearing shoes. The primary navy color goes with almost any colored pant and shoe, which is great for transitioning from a workday to a night out. The best part about these Pantherella socks is their merino wool construction. Merino wool is oh-so-luxurious with ultimate softness and temperature-regulating properties. Don't think wool is just for winter! It can keep your feet dry and even cool in the hot summer months. Shop this style below!

pantherella socks amazon



Pantherella Stratford Merino Wool


Mid-Calf Men's Socks


2. Waddington Cashmere

These socks are absolutely so comfortable. Cashmere is a fabric for those looking to bring sophistication to their wardrobe. Because they are soft and extremely warm, these Panterella socks are a winter go-to to keep your feet comfortably warm. They hit at mid-calf, which is a versatile length for any occasion. Charcoal grey is a useful color of sock to have and easily pair with most outfits as well. Add this fancy pair of socks to your closet with the link below!

pantherella socks amazon


Pantherella Waddington

Men's Luxury Cashmere Socks 

Charcoal Grey




3. Burgundy Knee Highs

This oxblood color has been quite popular lately, but it's not just the color that makes this sock stand out to us, it's also the length. Knee high socks might not be your normal pairing, but can actually be extremely beneficial to consider adding to your wardrobe. We love knee high socks because they stay up on the leg throughout the day. No more bending over to pull up those socks that slide down each time you stand up! Pantherella crafts their tall socks to sit comfortably just below the knee. Plus, the scarlet hue is sure to give a nice pop of color to that nicer suit of yours. Buy your own pair below!

pantherella socks amazon


Pantherella Danvers Long Knee High

Cotton Lisle Socks







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