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What Are Men's Over the Calf Patterned Dress Socks?

There are many wonderful qualities about men's over the calf patterned dress socks that we love. They've gained quite the attention in the last several years due to their comfort and style. We'll explain what these socks are and why they are chosen over other sock designs, so keep on reading!


This length of sock has characteristics that make it a great choice. First of all, because they sit higher on the leg, they tend to fall down less. Many men have preferred this length that sits just under the knee due to the all-day comfort.

Did you know that men's over the calf dress socks also have health benefits? Yup, that's right, they can help maintain circulation in the legs. This is extremely helpful for those with diabetes.

During the colder months of the year, these longer socks give an extra barrier against the harsh outside elements. Who doesn't love an additional built-in layer of warmth?

Brands to Look For

The go-to brands we recommend for quality and comfort are Pantherella and Marcoliani Milano. We won't go into much detail because we have another blog comparing the two in detail. What you need to know is that they both have a long history of high-quality products. Both brands make men's over the calf patterned socks that truly stay up on your leg all day!

Pantherella socks we recommend

over the calf mens luxury socks

Marcoliani Milano socks we recommend

marcoliani socks

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