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What Dress Sock Material Should I Look For?

Here in the world of socks, there are endless variations of materials to choose from. Whether 100% cotton or a cashmere blend, it can be tricky to know exactly how to choose the best material for men's dress socks. We've created an easy guide on how to choose the right kind of material based on your needs. 

Before we get into the details, we think the first step to finding the perfect pair of luxury socks is understanding your use for them. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of event are you wearing your socks to?
  • Are you going to wear luxury socks every day?
  • Is moisture control high on your priority list?
  • Are you looking for comfort and softness in your socks?
  • What do you hate about your current socks?
  • What qualities are you expecting out of your pair of luxury socks?

Taking inventory of your answers will help you define your perfect pair of men's luxury socks as you read through the pros and cons of each type of sock material. 


Pros: Cotton absorbs sweat and is extremely lightweight, making it a great option to wear in warmer weather. 

Cons: Although cotton absorbs sweat, it doesn't wick away the moisture like other materials. This makes it less than ideal to wear all day after a sweat-session at the gym in the morning. However, many men's luxury cotton socks are blended with nylon to increase the ability to wick away sweat. 

Consensus: Cotton dress socks are your perfect pair if you're looking for comfort. Look for blends with nylon, since it adds to cotton's moisture wicking abilities. Opt for mercerized cotton, which has greater luster and softness! Here's a great mercerized cotton option.

Men's cotton luxury sock qualities

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Pros: Wool is breathable and allows moisture to evaporate. Merino wool dress socks might sound like they'd keep your feet too warm in the winter months, but they actually keep your feet temperature regulated. This means it keeps your toes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We're all about the dual functionality and all-year wear!

Cons: Despite being breathable, it will take longer for the moisture to actually wick away. However, merino wool does a better job at this. Wool can also be thicker than cotton, so if you're looking for a thinner sock, this kind won't be for you!

Consensus: If you're looking for easy-to-care-for, all-around-good-socks, merino wool is a great option because it maintains its shape and durability over time. Also, this type of wool isn't itchy (bonus!). Check out our favorite pick of wool dress socks here

Men's Wool Material Luxury Socks

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Pros: Cashmere is naturally insulating and extremely light. If your perfect pair of socks includes comfort, then this is the best luxury sock for you! They are one of the softest materials out there. Cashmere is also warmer than wool yet remains lightweight in the summer, making it a great alternative option in your sock drawer. 

Cons: Men's cashmere socks are a little on the higher price point, so if you can't quite afford cashmere socks, merino wool is a close second. Cashmere also has less durability but adds tremendous amounts of style and sophistication to your outfit. 

Consensus: Although on the pricier end, cashmere is a great addition to your wardrobe and offers versatility throughout the year. Look for cashmere blends with nylon for added durability. Here's our favorite pair of luxury men's cashmere socks!

Men's Cashmere Luxury Socks Qualities

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Now that you have a better understanding of how important sock materials are, you can shop better than you did before...possibly even purchasing the best socks the first time you buy.

Get started shopping our collections now and find your perfect pair of socks. If you have any questions about what kinds of socks you should be looking for or if you want our opinion on selecting socks for a particular outfit, reach out to us at or message us on our Facebook page. We have so much fun helping you out --plus, we get to make new friends!

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