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What's the Best Luxury Sock Length?

If you've realized your passion for socks, you may have come across a confusing question: "What length should I buy?" Let's be honest. You could pick several different lengths of socks and experiment for yourself. In fact, we encourage you to try different pairs to feel out your favorite. However, we want to make it easy for you to purchase the best length of socks for your needs the first time. Read on to find your perfect pair of luxury men's socks.


Just as it sounds, these socks sit a little higher than the average crew sock. You can find these worn in the office, yet being formal enough for a night out or for a special event. Sometimes men's mid-calf socks feature thinner fabric for ultimate comfort. 

Get these if: You want a quality go-to sock that wears comfortable all-day long to both the office and a formal event afterward.

men's mid calf luxury socks

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This length of sock has characteristics that make it a great choice. First of all, because they sit higher on the leg, they tend to fall down less. Did you know that men's over the calf dress socks also have health benefits? Yup, that's right, they can help maintain circulation in the legs. This is extremely helpful for those with diabetes. 

Get these if: You're looking for socks that stay up throughout the day.

over the calf mens luxury socks

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Men's knee-length completely cover the calf and knee and are a great form of an extra layer from the cold during the winter months. They offer more flexibility and a lighter feel as well. 

Get these if: You want some extra warmth in the winter or if you hate your socks falling down or if you're looking for more comfortable socks. 

mens knee high dress socks

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