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Why You Need to Integrate Pinstripe Suits Into Your Wardrobe

Many of you might not own or have ever worn a pinstripe suit, but this is your year to branch out and try the classic pattern for yourself! This type of suit is less common, but still a great one to have. We love the thin (usually white) lines that elongate the body contrasted by a darker color that pairs well with other hues. In this blog post we'll:how to wear a mens pinstripe suit

  • Discuss why pinstripe suits are back in fashion
  • How and when to wear them
  • What Pantherella and Marcoliani socks to pair with a pinstripe suit

Pinstripes Are Trendy This Year

According to recent trend reports on BestLife, stepping into a pinstripe suit is widely accepted. Of course, this pattern was popular in the 80s, but this year brings a more refined take on the unique style. We agree that a sense of sophistication is channeled when wearing a pinstripe suit. 

Wearing a Pinstripe Suit: The Rules

Anyone working professional has reason to wear a pinstripe suit, but they are popular in the finance industry (don't ask us why). Try to keep this suit in a business or night out setting. RealMenRealStyle suggests making a pinstripe suit your sixth suit option in your wardrobe. Pinstripe suits are more versatile than one might think. You could pair several different patterns and colors with it and the outfit would look marvelously unique from the other look. 

Choose a navy, charcoal or black pinstripe suit with white or another neutral colored stripe. Neutral colors work best for this type of suit and keep it looking classy. Knownman states that mixing other patterns such as polka dots or even a solid color is a safe bet when pairing ties and shirts to the pinstripe pattern. how to pair socks with a mens pinstripe suit

How to Pair Your Socks With Your Pinstripe Suit

The best way is to match your socks with the pinstripe on your suit. For instance, if the lines going down the suit are grey, wear a pair of grey socks. Use this tip with caution though because it won't work for every pinstripe suit --it really depends on what colors you're working with. Another option is matching your socks to your pant color. So if your pinstripe suit color is charcoal, you'll want to wear charcoal socks. This hue should not match exactly, but contrast just enough. If you need a sock suggestion, we recommend Pantherella and Marcoliani Milano for great quality and sophistication. 


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