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Pantherella Stratford Merino Wool Two-Toned Mid-Calf Men's Socks | Navy

Pantherella Stratford Merino Wool Two-Toned Mid-Calf Men's Socks | Navy

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Brand: Pantherella

Color: Navy


  • Expect the unexpected with these Pantherella Stratford socks, giving a surprising splash of polished and contrasting color in the heel and toe. The hint of a little something different can brighten up any day or night
  • To keep up with you and your long days and nights, each sock is reinforced in its heel and toe for quality construction that will make these your favorite sock.


  • Men's Mid Calf Length
  • Fits men's shoe sizes 8.5-13
  • For the everyday man, the function of a mid-calf sock fits in perfect with his plans, making his look versatile for a day at the office, night out on the town, or anything in between.


  • 70% Merino Wool
  • 30% Nylon
  • Crafting luxurious products starts at the material source, Pantherella begins the articulated design of each pair of socks using fine merino wool easily identifiable as soft and high-quality wool currently found with qualities like pristine temperature regulation and durable strength.
  • Being a worldwide company, Pantherella crafts their luxury products in the heart of England, a country at the forefront of high-end men's fashion. Pantherella makes dressing your best easy and feeling your best even easier when wearing their fashions.

Details: In a world full of black, navy, and neutral dare to dip into modern and polished colors, with Pantherella's featured contrast heel and toe Stratford sock. Constructed from Merino wool, known for its quality softness, durability, and temperature regulation, these socks will stick around and stand out in your wardrobe. Reinforced and designed to keep up its construction, the Stratford sock is the perfect mate to your busy days and nights.

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